About Liz

Liz Saál is the founder and CEO of Get To Licious Fabulosa

She comes from an extensive ancestral line of psychics and healers from the mystical wonders of Peru.

Her altruistic nature radiates her inner essence of a Peruvian Goddess.

She combines her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience to provide you with wisdom and support towards the evolution of your soul.

Although at a very early age she began to feel what seemed to be out of body experiences, it was late in life that she discovered that she naturally traveled non-ordinary reality communicating with spirits, her guides, and could see energetic fields.

It was a hand analyst, in this lifetime, that reminded Liz of her Shamanic past lives which assisted her into coming full circle and embracing her current heritage and ancestral line. Today her shamanic role is an intricate part of her healing modalities, psychic gifts, coaching skills, and teaching practices.

Liz considers herself to be a student of life. When she teaches, she embraces the teaching modalities of her own mentors and hopes to be as spirited and gifted as they have been to her with style, grace, fun, and laughter.  Those are pillars that sustain the integrity of her practice into empowering your soul.

She specializes in clarity with relationships, manifesting your life purpose, and empowering your inner warrior/goddess.

Liz will assist you in shaping and transforming your current situation into the gift of certainty.

She resides in Reseda, California with her family.

When she’s not producing, facilitating seminars, classes, or creating workshops; she is consulting, private coaching, providing healing circles, opening portals and enjoying her reading practice.