Sacred Space
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About El Despacho

Established in 2012 in the Heart of Reseda, California.  

A unique way of connecting with the energy and spirits of nature.  Honoring the Four directions, “Pachamama”, “Inti Taiti”,  "Mama Killa" and the “Apus. ” A beautiful way to connect with nature spirits that may take many forms.  To express or manifest what we would like to attract into our lives or into the lives of our family or community members.  Show our gratitude, love and respect for Mother Earth and the great nature spirits through symbolism, in the form of items representing the best of our work and our finest crops. Expressing love and gratitude from the bottom of our hearts, manifesting our intentions to attract more of what it is we are grateful for.

Intentions of our individual prayers becoming prayers for the collective. Our prayers empower your prayers, Uplifting in Ayni.

Hay –ya-ya.