Listen, I have been there . . .

I once heard Oprah say, 'Luck is when opportunity and preparation meet'.  If this work is calling to you, and for monetary reasons, you are unable to attend? I believe in reciprocity and here I extend an opportunity for you to speak up for yourself and tell me why I should bestow you some LUCK?

The requirements are as follows:

    1. You Must be A Woman and over the age of 18.
    2. You MUST be enrolled in my Mailing List the Red Tent Series - The Code; and KNOW what topic will be covered for the month you are applying for.
    3. Send an email to
    4. Must have the SUBJECT re: line say: "Chivalry is Not Dead".
    5. In 20 Lines or less (anything more than 500 words will automatically disqualify you) as to why I should select YOU as the RECIPIENT of a Knight's Chivalry.
    6. Recipient will be notified 2 Weeks in advance of the Monthly gathering.