The Lady Code 

So there is a Code, a Lady Code . . . It is ancient, deeply spiritual, and more than that, it is powerfulFiercely Powerful.  It is actually a four-part lady code, that once cracked, it will uncover a series of monthly super powers that can enhance your relationship with others, build better business, have incredible sex (yes I said 'sex'!) and create a 'bloody' amazing life! 

If you are like me (before I sat in the Seat of My Soul) I used to ignore my cycle, push through my day, pop pills to numb my PMS,  workout during my cycle (because I was told that you burn extra calories and my skinny jeans were calling!!!).  Perhaps even lose a day of work just because I was crawling out of my skin.  There may be a story about yourself that has created resentment towards your cycle.  You may have been taught it is shameful and down right embarrassing to bleed.  Whatever generation you are from. . . let's stop the myths right now. 

Did you know there was a time when women honored and celebrated their monthly cycle?  The cycle that moved from girl to woman, through woman to mother, through mother to wise woman, through wise woman to crone.  We were celebrated!!!! 

It is a natural rhythm, a  time to go inward, to reconnect with yourself, with your (soul) sisters, and  (Pachamama) Mother Earth.

 Yet, something happened at some point from 2,000 years ago and now.  Our stories, our truths, our wisdom as women have been distorted.  We reside in a society with masculine constructs that have no guidance or structure for the feminine menstrual experience.  We ignore our deepest needs as women because we are no longer trusting ourselves better than anyone else.

Each cycle takes us on a journey through both the light and the dark parts of ourselves.  We give them names, PMS, Cave Woman, Psycho Bitch, "Hormonies", and my favorite Bat Shit Crazy . . . yeah? Can you hear me now?  What if I told you that as we move through each of the four phases, we get the chance to refresh and renew our entire being.  Physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually - yes, every single month.   Did you know that throughout your lifetime you truly only have 7 cycles and a specific number of eggs from inception to procreate?  I know . . . crazy right?  Each 5 year cycle builds onto the next until our crone days.










When I discovered in my path the 13 Munay Ki Rite of Passage, my entire life changedI have been attending and facilitating women's circles for the past 7 years, and it is my honor to bring you the medicine, educational platform, and mystical muse to a sacred space wherein we explore 'Code Red'.  I am offering you an opportunity to reconnect with yourself.  The Red Tent Series is a very passionate project of mine that I hold dear to my heart I am committed to nurture, guide, assist, and connect with as many women who are in need of a safe haven to get in touch with their Goddess Self, and change the course of their lives.  Transitions are my specialty.  From Girl to Woman, From Single to Married.  From Woman to Motherhood. From Full House to Empty Nest.  The Lady Code is a divine membership  wherein every FOURTH Thursday, I offer a delightful 3  hours of  'goddess' hour , via an educational platform and we converse, activate, and re-generate in the company of amazing women.  Are you ready to live your life in-sync with business, relationships, sex life, health, money, creativity??? Join me.  It's quite easy, you just have to be a woman and show up.  Leave your best representative at home.  Sitting the Cat.  Get in touch with your badass self and discover a world of feminine power, it is soft yet fierce.  Want to be selective about what topics will be discussed, what potions will be created, what vendor of the month will be joining us?  Sign Up to receive my announcements. 


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