She has been attending Women's Circles and Facilitating them for more than a decade.  She studies the Art of Self Care.  Considers herself always a Student in the School of Life, integrating her work and then bringing it to her tribe as a Teacher of Masses.  She is in love with sacred femininity and holds men in high regards.  She is the Queen in her Realm, as she nurtures her father, her brothers, her husband and her son towards the best version of themselves.  She resides in Reseda, California and when she is not Motivational Speaking, Raising Your Vibration, Officiating Your Wedding, Facilitating Women's Rite of Passage, Goddess Parties, or Teaching; she is tending to her private practice as an intuitive life coach helping those with dormant psychic abilities or developed dis-ease due to stifled energy by helping them obtain the gift of certainty.

About Liz, The Founder

Liz is a third generation psychic and healer from an extensive Shamanic, ancestral lineage, from the mystical wonders of Peru.  She is an Altomasoyok  Practitioner (Wisdom Keeper) and Founder of Get TO Licious Fabulosa, whose philosophy is about an educational, skill-building, creative group designed to enlighten women of all ages, concepts and skills to promote self-care. She strives to plant a philosophical seed into every woman she crosses paths with. Her commitment is tending the seed so that each woman can care for their own garden. As the sprout grows, layers of understanding and self-honoring will blossom from the initial seed.  She cares deeply for humanity and is focusing her mission to inspire, align, and co-create with the Young Women to Crones of our society; with intention to work together to ensure healthier, more self-confident group of women in our present and the future.