Is all about nurturing your inner Muse.  We step out of ordinary time and access the invisible realms where no time and space exist.  We take time to ground ourselves, meditate, journey and play with our inner Muse.  Whether we invoke the energy of the Earth Goddess "Community"  or the Sea Goddess of Joy, we use this time of self care to nurture the temptress in all of us.


These are real events that have occurred during our Fire Ceremonies. As you can see, far right, there is an orb hovering over this Goddess as she is feeding the fire.

Fire Ceremony Dancing
fire -mom

Goddess Night is held once a month, around the new moon, and it is all about accessing the hidden realms and sharing sacred space with like minded sisters.  It is a sacred time to commune with Deities, our Ascended Masters, and Angels.  It is a collaboration of talented Goddesses who come together and co-create with Universe into better versions of themselves under the new moon.  We dance, play musical instruments to heighten our level of consciousness so that we can access our higher selves.

In this magical night, the fire speaks to us.  We experience apparition.  We are often visited by Ascended Masters like Quan Yin, Fairies, Nombs.  Our Angelic Realm greets us with love and laughter.

apparition of quan yin

The sisterhood that is created with beautiful and amazing strong women.  We fill our tanks with creativity, walk away feeling re-energized weaving the sacred into the ordinary.  We return to manifest something new into our lives.  Want to be informed about when and where our next Goddess Night is being held?  Sign Up and join my Mailing List.  $35.00  is your investment for a magical night.  

The image on the right, as you will notice has a pink tint to it.  This is not a flash malfunction, it is actually the energy that was invoked at this gathering.  Pure Love . . .

Ascension 2012