Human Design

Is a tool I use in my consulting practice.  In 2003, I recall driving to my corporate job (I had a 45 min to an hour commute into Century City every morning for 25 years of my life.)  I used this time to listen to books on tape and I also used this time to converse with God.  I was happy, but my soul felt unfulfilled.  Traffic can leave your mind to wander "what isn't working" in your life.  In one of those moments of agony, I distinctly recall asking God to send me a blue print of my life, so that I could just follow it!  In 2005, my answers were called when Human Design caught my attention.

However, Human Design was not a phenomenon that everyone was well versed in.  I remember attending a small gathering and getting my chart done.  My ONLY reason for attending this quaint seminar in someone's living room was because I needed affirmation that I was intuitive.  Now, I have known to be intuitive all of my life, yet, a part of me needed that 'Confirmation' (It's in my chart! ha!)  that I wasn't crazy; that I wasn't hearing voices, that I didn't need a new prescription for my eyeglasses because I could see colors and images, that when I walked into a room, I could feel the furniture talk to me, that I got drunk when people drank alcohol around me, yet I would step outside of their magnetic monopole to my car and I was sober. That I didn't know how I knew to attend this seminar, but that I just knew I had to be there!  My claircognizant skills are my strongest yet the most difficult to hear when I have so much going on in my chart!  On a personal level, it took a lot of fine tuning.

At the end of the seminar, I was pretty disappointed walking out of there.  Felt empty and the worst $35 I ever spent! She told me I was a 5/1 Manifesting Generator "whoop dee doo!" what the heck does that mean?  Does it mean I am not crazy??? She had no answers for me.  I ran my son's chart too, we had 5 in common, but still no answers.  I recall feeling disappointed and putting my chart away ... for years to come.

It wasn't until the end of 2012 that a friend of mine posted she was a 5/1 MG and I jumped at the opportunity to message her and tell her I knew that information was based on her Human Design chart but that I didn't know what it meant.  By this time, Ra (the vehicle that was used to transmit this new perspective to the collective) had passed away, in 2011.  Not all 5/1s become famous after their transition from human to spirit, but pretty right on point for Ra according to his chart.

As I reflected upon this 'coincidence' I asked myself, if I was ready for a new tool in my spiritual tool box?  Was it a coincidence? No because there are no such things as 'coincidences'!!!  It was very much for me as I had just hosted a Portal Activation in 2012 and part of this was to ascend towards a better version of myself.  By this time, I had grown a lot in honing my intuitive abilities, and I knew that part of my life purpose was to teach others how to grow strong in their intuitive abilities.  Sonia Choquette had already stepped into my life, tutored me, gave me all her books.  So this was more about tools to use in service of my purpose.

What is Human Design?

Human Design System is a deep and complex body of knowledge.  It is built on many layers of information and how they inter-relate.  The image on the right is called the Human Design Mandala.  The inside of this System is a body graph that carries 9 Centers, 64 Gates, 34 Channels, and that is just the surface.  The components shown in the mandala have the ancient observational system of Astrology, the Chinese I'Ching, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakras and the Tree of life from the Zohar/Kabbalist traditions;  Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics and Biochemistry.  Each layer has a particular meaning and offers you an opportunity to explore and experiment your nature, evolving consciousness ultimately providing a blue print of your unique path.  It is the Maserati of Natal Charts.

I particularly enjoy the blue print it offers when we begin working on our intuitive abilities, getting clarity on your life purpose, and understanding our manifestation skills.  Human Design is so complex, it offers a multitude of layers that assist in getting to know your authentic self.  Human Design also takes you through a deconditioning process that will make your jaw drop because there is a moment of clarity how influential your environment can be.  It also allows you to see clearly your signposts of resistance which only brings you through a process of coming into an awareness level that aligns your mind, body and their appropriate roles.  Leaving the "Not Self" behind is a process that can take years or never happen. Remember, we all have a choice.  We can live a purposeful life engaging in the right energy.  Live a rich, fulfilling life for you and those around you.

human-design-mandala1 - Oprah

Human Design System is not a belief system.  It does not require that you belief in anything . . . It is a concrete map to the Nature of Being, a mapping of your Genetic Code.  Human Design opens the door to the potential of self-love, a love of life and the love of others through understanding."                   - Ra Uru Hu