Ascension in person


1 Way:  You meet me on the beach, at Carpinteria.  You bring a sacred object to my altar for charging and I will take you on a guided meditation, clear your blockages that may present themselves, a complimentary pdf reference guide of stones to enhance your ritual and I personally assist you with hopes that you have a real big leap in your ascension.  If you have ever attended one of my ascension portal activations, this is where the magic happens my ancestors come down and support me, you, and us! It is experiential so you really just have to attend to understand.  I love to hear the shares so there will be time for this too, and a Closed Facebook Group so you can share your experiences with everyone.  Depending on the amount of people who do attend, it may run a bit longer, but we will be at minimum one solid hour together, and maximum an hour and a half..

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Take a look at our past portal activations.   In Shamanism we practice Ayni (Reciprocity).  When we gather in group settings our intentions are your intentions.  Be inspired to join us on our mission to make the world a better place.

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Ascension remote


2nd Way: If you absolutely cannot join me, but strongly feel you want to participate and be your own Shaman,  then pick Option 2:


I will need a picture of YOU to place on my Mesa and cosmically connect.  We hold space together outside of Ordinary Time.  Meaning you meditate at your place and I can do a remote clearing while I am in Carpinteria.  This comes with a previously recorded downloadable MP3, of me guiding you through this entire experience.   I want to remind you that in shamanic practice when we journey together there is no such thing as time and space.  The MP3 will also include instructions of Opening and Closing Sacred Space, A PDF of your stones to enhance your ritual, a PDF for your Crystal Grid layout, download for 8th Dimension Ascension.

The clearing etc., if any appear, I will be doing with you during our blocked out time together.

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On August 8, there will be an alignment which many call the “Lion’s Gate”

It happens every August 8th.  However, this particular year, it will be super charged because of its accelerated ascension amplified by the Master Number 11.  August vibrates to the number 8, on the 8th day, and we are in the year 2017, which if you add all those numbers we are in a cosmic master number 11.  Master number 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers.  It is instinctual, charismatic, dynamic and capable when its sights are set on a concrete goal.  Eleven is the number associated with faith and psychics.  Number 8 is all about personal power, self-confidence, inner-strength, professionalism and the professional, management, material freedom, success, good judgement, money, finances, riches, manifesting wealth, abundance and prosperity, provision, investments, discrimination and discernment, giving and receiving, thoroughness, dependability, self-reliance, repose, practicality, consideration, inner-wisdom, self-sufficiency, social status, pragmatism, the ego, aggregation, compassion, dictatorship, executive, delegation, reality, truth and integrity, compassion, dictatorship, multiples, employment, stability, appearance, customs, skills and talents, exchanges, truth, good judgement and problem-solving, organization and organizing, achieving and achievements, decisiveness, control, constant, ambition, the authoritarian, challenge, efficiency, trustworthiness, insight, planning and the planner, sociability, works independently, learning through experience, true justice, retreat, patience, caution, self-discipline, free-will, insight, spiritual consciousness, expansion, dissolution, dimension of the timeless, good and bad, right and wrong, day and night, ability to see and relate to eternal dimensions, balance between forces, connects spirit and matter, developing confidence to follow a vision, breaks down barriers to transformation, reality, courage, a desire for peace and a love of humanity and world transformation.

You already know I am a do-er not a thinker, so I don’t waste my time or yours when I inform my tribe of Events.

This invitation is a biggy!


So what is a Portal, Ascension and the “Lion’s Gate”?

A Portal is when the Earth aligns with the Center of the Galaxy opening a cosmic portal between the physical and spiritual realms.  The Lion’s Gate is the symmetrical code that aligns our higher-self into that space to fully awaken each of our own unique divine light within our physical form.  As you have read, the number 8 resonates with lots of symmetrical codes as well as asymmetrical.  Keep in mind you are a spiritual being in physical form, and any shifts and changes happening now, are serving to align you with more of your soul power, spiritual truth, and with what will bring you increased joy, love, opportunity, and possibility.  I always say that is the beauty of our souls having a human experience.  Yes, it might be uncomfortable, but are you ready for it?!

How do you know you are ready?

It is real simple, you just know, it is a constant “yes, yes, yes” to every word you are reading here.  If there is any part of you that is hesitant, scared, or unsure about yourself to do this on your own, but you are interested?  There might be some blockages!  That is where I come in.  Now normally, I would be around and hosting this cosmic alignment locally, but this year, I will be in Carpinteria.  So, I ask you?  Will you be joining me in person or in the comfort of your own home?


You will have to decide and tell me what you prefer.

Depending on your "PREFERRED" method of activating this Portal,  The investment in yourself will be $35.00.  Either in person or remotely.

More About the Lion’s Gate, The Portal, and the Ascension.

Increased waves of light and codes of awakened consciousness are streaming onto the planet arrived on or about July 1st.  Have you been able to sleep?  Have this burst of energy?  This means you are highly attuned to the energy surging through the planet.  This increased light, and accelerated ascension energy is causing huge life altering changes to unfold your way.

Big things like relationships, career changes, life purpose, health, home, travel, soul work, letting go of material things (and a few other themes too) are highlighted now… Everything is up for review now, the big question is: Does it serve your Authentic Truth? Is it in alignment with love and with your soul growth and ascension? … Don’t be surprised if some “thing”, or everything in your life seems to be in flux now.

Ultimately, these changes we are going through in our own unique way has its purpose and serve to align us more fully with our authentic truth, onto the next level of love and light that we can experience in our lives.  By setting a time and space for this portal opening, you are literally taking a cosmic bath releasing the blockages that you are unaware of, and claiming your divine truth and light towards a better version of yourself.



However, I’m sure you already know that change isn’t always easy.  It can be frightening not knowing what is going to happen, and what is next for you, especially when things seem to be crumbling and falling away on both an individual and collective scale.  If this is the case, then I do suggest you meet me in Carpinteria, California.  We will need to block out specific time.





I am here to ease you on your path and hold that sacred space with you with a little of my own unique composition to help you towards your path and get you to reach your soul evolution.

My guides have literally been feeding me information and have shared that this is a time to trust, keep returning to a vibration of love, releasing fear and uncertainty and staying focused on what you ultimately want.

So you wish you could but you can’t join me remotely or in person, no worries!!!  

Here is some information to assist you until the next portal appears.

  1. Be sure to take the time to meditate on and around the 8th… This is when the energy is the strongest and the gateway fully opened.
  2. Gather your sacred objects, create your own sacred space and know that NOW is the time to step into a higher vibrational experience of Love. Both personally, and collectively.  It’s about transcending limitations and transitioning from the density of the physical realm into the new paradigm of crystalline consciousness, being, and light.

In Munay, Liz.