Here are a  couple of reasons:

  1. You missed the Lion’s Gate Portal

  2. You are feeling the As Above, So Below affects in a negative way and need my help.

  3. You are feeling this cosmic alignment in a positive way and would like to ride this cosmic wave all the way to shore– on your feet!

  4. Mercury is in Retrograde (Leo/Virgo August 12 through September 5) and you need grounding and clearing because communication issues are “as expected” during this retrograde, plus you’ve got the pulse of the solar eclipse – (wowser!) disrupting the patterns of flow which have triggered some blockages/resistance.

  5. You are sensing the endings or new beginnings of relationships and need some time with your higher self.

  6. You are aware of the other 4 Planets in retrograde!

By the way, the point of a retrogrades is to deal with any issue that comes up for you before you can learn the lesson.

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