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Packages and Services I Offer

  • Quick Wedding Service is just the two of you with 1 or 2 witnesses.
  • Ceremonial Rite or Vow Renewal consists of Unlimited calls & emails regarding the type of ceremony you would like to embody.  A printed copy of your ceremony and vows
    Administering the oath of marriage, Reading of vows,
    Exchange of rings, Pronouncement of marriage and new last name (if applicable), Signing your marriage license as your non-denominational officiant/minister and First Class mailing of your marriage license or in-person drop off to the Registrar-Recorder County Clerk
  • A Punctilio Ceremony or Renewal of Vows consists of  me showing up in my Altomasoyok Shamanic Ceremonial attire. including a tailored spiritual ceremonial rite ceremony.  A unique, customized ceremony written just for you (with your edits and approvals).  Help with your personal vows and any other wedding, license or vendor guidance you may need.  Any location in the world ( excluding cost of airfare and hotel stay). And a Certified mailing of your marriage license or in-person drop off to the Registrar-Recorder County Clerk (if applicable, as you may already be legally married).

Additional Costs:

If travelling outside LA County a $50 base rate plus 50 cents per mile round trip will be an additional cost from your base price)

If travelling outside of California, there will be an additional cost for airfare and lodging)

Rehearsal Dinner.  While I do not charge to break bread with you, honoring the pre-festivities of your union, an additional fee of $150 to attend and assist coordinating your processional & recessional, and/or coordination with your emcee, musicians, photographer, videographer, wedding planner, event staff, family, and whomever else you wish me to plan with to ensure a perfect ceremony.

Hello! I am Liz. I am originally from Lima, Peru.  Since I can remember, I have always been in love with weddings.  I have planned and contributed in many aspects of ceremony.  From  being a bridesmaid,  singing  at a wedding, to being behind the scenes wedding planning, being a bride myself and now officiating.  I believe firmly in the sanctity of marriage and extremely passionate about love and happily ever after.    At our own ceremony,  we had my church pastor and our cousin, a Rabi, marry my husband.  (Yes, I am Catholic and my husband is of Jewish descent!)  I am very heart centered individual and, to me, my ceremony needed to have depth and meaning (don't all?), words that would stand the test of time, beyond "for better or worse".  Searching for the right components and personalizing our ceremony was a huge catalyst to becoming an officiant.   I am also an Altomasoyok Shaman, a wisdom keeper of my tribe.  A firm believer that energy is derived from the heart and that integrity is a close second when being of service.  Because I am such a hands on, creative soul, planning our own ceremony allowed me to learn a lot of different types of traditions, rituals -- traditional and non-traditional making our day quite unique.   As a ceremonialist and medicine woman, there is a lot of meaning and depth into conducting ceremony.  Setting the tone, keeping it light, so that you can relax and take in what is being said is an important aspect to me. Giving you the memorable experience you have been dreaming about for quite some time.   If I could have married ourselves, I think I would have! ha ha! But we can't always be the blessing.  Yet, we can definitely be the caretakers of the blessings that is bestowed upon us.

I believe that words carry accountability.  When I officiate, I focus a lot on wording and tailoring your special day to phrases that will stand firm outside of time and space.  I like to remind newly engaged couples that:  A wedding day is just ONE day of the rest of your life, and it does count!  The rest is up to the commitment the two of you are willing to take on. Lately, I have come across a saying that is kind of my favorite quote is " A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse not to give up on each other" .

On your day, the tone, ambiance, and foundation that you build upon from the very first day is something to think about.  Beginning from the person who sanctifies your union.  It would be my honor to officiate your happily ever after.


Upon a brief intake form you and your fiance will fill out, and a $150 deposit to reserve your day (full amount due a day prior to your wedding day), we can meet and go over all the information we need to create a wonderful ceremony for you.  I usually meet my couples for 30 minutes at a convenient Starbucks.

If you want to get married just the two of you as cheap as possible, I offer a Quick Wedding service.  It’s still really lovely, but the ultimate in no frills. This is intended for just the two of you, two witnesses, or at the most a few friends (no more than 3). Your cost is $75 plus the cost of your marriage license, which you take care of yourself.