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Postpartum Care

Many, many moons ago (menstrual joke - ha ha!) I was given the gift of motherhood.  I didn't know it then, but today with all my training I can recall feeling my pelvic floor drop.  It was two days after I had given birth, from the hospital --off we went to Sears to get my son newborn clothes.  My son was smaller than we all expected.  He was 19 inches long, weighing 6lbs 1oz (pretty normal weight and length) but we had NO CLOTHES his size! I won't bore you with how precious he was.  As I still have mother goggles.  That day marked a whole trajectory of instances that if I could go back in time, I would choose this exact moment when I asked my mom to take me to Sears instead of going straight home from the hospital.

My son is a young adult now in his twenties and I am still trying to melt the built-in tuba, kangaroo pouch looking thing that sits uncomfortably around my hips.  Mind you I am in my 40s so now I have two life savers, you know - - just in case I fall into some body of water and can't swim (joke!)

When my sister got pregnant, I had the innate desire to be an authority about postpartum care from all of the very harsh lessons that I had endured from lack of self care after giving birth.  I suffered from postpartum depression, anxiety, diastasis recti, constipation. Besides the trauma my body endured of 'giving' birth, 10 days after I gave birth, the 1994 Northridge earthquake hit the San Fernando Valley.  I lived 10 minutes away from the epicenter.  This earthquake, my hormonal imbalance, my postpartum depression and personal issues I had with my son's father sent me on a horrific psychological wave of emotional instability that impeded me from breastfeeding.  There was so much going on that the cherry on top was that I also experienced engorged breasts and really bad fevers.  I recall that day at Sears so well.  I noticed my lower back was in pain.  It had not been 72 hours that I had given birth  and today I humbly and regretfully admit it was NOT the brightest decision I made as a first time mother.  Sadly, my son is my only child and I really wanted to have at least two more.

If you know my story, you know that my grandmother was a midwife. She had home birthed 8 of her 9 children, and my grandmother was a medicine woman.  I am not sure why or when the wisdom of birth keeping in my lineage broke but when my sister became pregnant, it was a burning desire to retrieve part of my ancestral rite of passage and recall the ancient wisdom of postpartum care.  In all fairness to my mother, and no blame bestowed upon her, I was a c-section baby and the wisdom for postpartum care was probably broken all due to the fact that my mother tended a different kind of care as a c-section birth and the wisdom stayed with my grandmother and never passed down to me.

One day, scrolling on facebook, I got a glimpse of a postpartum certification program that was a weekend intensive.  It was an immediate sacral response for me.  One of the best decisions I made. The integrity and purpose it serves is aligned with how I show up for the woman in my tribe.  In particular, those women who give the gift of life itself.


As an intuitive and a life coach, with a girl power undertone, the advocacy of self care during this time of rest is imperative for a woman post child birth.

Us women, have 7 cycles in our entire life.  Each one builds one on top of the other.  Postpartum care is a time of restoration.  A necessity, not a luxury!  How we strengthen our health post childbirth is what will bring our menopausal years at ease.

It is an honor to bring to you the ancient traditions.  The integrity of my work is a very personal story and I hope that I can facilitate your postpartum care with the essence of my wisdom and practicality in our modern world wherein I hope to remind you of your natural path to health.

It has been a personal journey to restore my own health.  The healer needed healing!  I sought and found treasures, wisdom, traditions, but most importantly I feel stronger from the inside out.  I would love to share my stories, wisdom and practicality with you.

If you are ready to embark on a journey of restoration, we can get started a couple of months before birth or shortly after birth.  I highly recommend we begin working together your last trimester, as it takes 3 weeks to form a habit and you will need to implement the information I am passing onto you as well as balancing the care for your newborn.  It seems overwhelming but relax, you have found me.

If, however, you are way past the postpartum phase, and your story is similar to mine, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!  We can work towards your menopausal years.  I got you!


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