Human Design Consult – Ebb & Flow

$175.00 $140.00

Do you suffer from Depression?  Did you know there are literal conduits in our human design where Depression is embedded into our DNA? First let’s take a look at the root of the problem.  Second, let’s find out what your contribution is to society by having this specific design!  Third and last, while it seems like a big price to pay, learning some tools to cope with this ebb and flow that is designed to make you a better version of yourself and the lives of those you touch, you then have the freedom to experience a process and learn to have the ‘midas touch’  because when something is a part of you, acceptance can be a great healing tool.  You already know there is a restrained fuel quality that pulses an energy frequency carrying the possibility of mutation and melancholy; a mechanical moodiness of both happy and sad. Let’s define the limitation and focus on learning to ride this emotional wave.