Lions Portal – Individual Meditation


You in the comfort of your own home will be able to download the agenda, mp3s, pdfs included in the package prior to 8.8.  This is NOT a group setting, NOR livestream but an individual experience.  Remote clearing will be offered via distant healing.

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You must provide me with a picture of yourself  BEFORE 8/4,  and I will place it on my Mesa during the Portal Activation.  You will create your own sacred space and journey with me and we will meet in the invisible realms.  Your investment includes a downloadable MP3, guided meditation.  An MP3 of Opening and Closing Sacred Space.  A PDF of your healing stones to enhance your ascension, a PDF template for your Crystal Grid layout, a remote download for 8th Dimension Ascension.  The clearing, if any appear, I will be doing with you during our blocked out time together in the invisible realms.