Monthly Membership for Red Tent Series – The Code


Membership -A paid monthly membership fee in the amount of $25.00  (a yearly savings of $120.00) offers you

  • A Quarterly ‘Muse’ Coach Call  (a bonus of $180.00) with Rev. Liz Saal de Casas on any personal issue or cover the monthly topic of the Red Tent Series,about any topic, issue, or pressing agenda you may have towards co-creating a better version of yourself.
  •  A 7 minute guided meditation delivered monthly to your mailbox (email) relating to your needs or what spirit guides me for you to receive.
  • A reserved seat at the Red Tent Series that is held every 4th Thursday of every month.  Entailing a delightful 3  hours of  connection, laughter, a-ha moments via an educational platform.  Wherein we converse, activate, and re-generate in the company of amazing women.  You are committing to live your life in-sync with business, relationships, sex life, health, money, creativity.

A monthly subscription is automatically deducted from your bank account  every month and cannot be refunded mid-month. For all programs, no pro-rated refunds will be issued; each monthly payment is for the current month.  Membership discounts to the LizSaal shop cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Memberships are at the discretion of the Liz and may be revised or rescinded at any time. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Membership Enrollment and Auto Pay Set Up