Seat of My Soul- Red Tent Series- The Code


The Seat of Your Soul is  a $35.00 (plus a service fee) investment in yourself to join the rest of your tribe at the Red Tent Series- The Code.  Wherein you will uncover and experience a series of monthly super powers every FOURTH Thursday of every month at El Despacho (a private residence) in Reseda , California.  A delightful 3 hours of connection, laughter, a-ha moments via an educational platform.  Wherein we converse, activate, and re-generate in the company of amazing women.  Are you ready to live your life in-sync with business, relationships, sex life, health, money, creativity!  The time is now.  This ticket, has NO MEMBERSHIP PERKS.  However, you are committing to igniting that fire within you whenever possible and as your schedule permits! Thank you for loving yourself.

We cannot guarantee you a spot, if you just show up on the day of, so please try to reserve your seat 24 hours before The Fourth Thursday of Every Month.  Click and Reserve your single ticket ASAP.  Want to attend and want to make sure you have a spot? Sign Up to our Newsletter and get the details of when, where, who will attend  the Red Tent Series as a Non-Member.

This Non-Member Fee is solely to attend and participate in a Red Tent Series, no life coaching call,  no 7 min. guided meditation and no bonus spiral spread.


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