Reading the Mesa activates all my psychic
    channels wherein the secrets of the Universe
      are revealed to support your spiritual development


Reading the Mesa activates all my psychic channels wherein the secrets of the Universe are revealed to support your spiritual development

Liz offers honest, down to earth, Tarot readings.  Her amazing ability to interpret the Tarot via Phone, Email, IChat, Skype and In Person readings from her Mesa is one modality to connect to your higher self.  During a Tarot Reading:  Liz uses her psychic ability to connect with your higher self. She uses the Tarot as a tool to unlock the secrets of the Universe in support of your own spiritual development.  The Tarot is a deep, ancient tool that allows you to receive guidance and/or direction.  She specializes in clarity with relationships, manifesting your life purpose, and/or assisting you on how to align yourself with your own gifts so you may navigate your life in a way that empowers you.  During a reading she may connect with a past loved one or your guides, perhaps even one of the ascended masters depending on your spiritual journey.

*When booking an appointment, note this is Pacific Standard Time Zone*
****If you do not live in the United States, please e-mail me your Skype Name by clicking here  Contact

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Sussy C, Los Angeles, CA.

Getting a reading from Liz was such a gift! She's a natural reader and healer who is able to see beyond the cards, offering wisdom, guidance and possible courses of action to consider . She brought greater clarity to my situation and confirmed many things I had felt but couldn't put words to. I felt a renewed sense of faith in my journey and a calming healing took place as I listened to her words. Having a session with her is like being enveloped in nurturing and caring with a wise guide. She is straightforward and practical, skillfully able to get to the root of things. There's no filler time in her sessions, it's all downloads! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking true guidance that will speak to the essence of your being. I am so grateful for my session and her service. I can't thank her enough!

Andrea B., Los Angeles, CA

I went to Liz for guidance and advice and I can honestly say I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. She was very intuitive and compassionate. The reading was very thorough and accurate, I provided very little information and felt as if she knew my entire life. I felt very peaceful and she created a beautiful and healing environment. Most important, I left our session feeling hopeful and empowered and with many of my uncertainties at ease. I can’t wait to see her again.

Milagros M., Mission Viejo CA

My experience with Liz is her unique, original quality I find refreshing. Her advice gave me something to look forward to in a lonely time. I would recommend her any time ! Speaks from the heart .

Renzo R, Mission Hills, CA

Liz is a great spiritual counselor. I can appreciate her warmth, calmness, and how present she is when she provides her readings. She gave me insights as to what my next steps should be.

Allison F., Marina Del Rey, CA

Liz's ability to connect with a client, her focus as she reads to get as much information as is being given, her accuracy are my favorite skills about her. She is always impressive on her delivery and very much a friend. What I mean is that no matter what information she receives, she takes the time to articulate herself so as to not cause anxiety in the client. She's awesome!

Shannon L., Burbank, CA

There are three qualities to describe Liz's gifts: Her authenticity, kind and loving heart, and ability to hold space for others' deep issues. I've been using Liz's services for several years now. I love how she can connect and re-ground me. I've used her readings to help me with big life transitions and decisions and I always come out of the session feeling empowered and in control. Her gifts have made me a happier and better wife, mother, friend, and daughter. I consider Liz a staple in my life!! She is always very spot on and I just love that!

Andres R., Los Angeles, CA

She is real, direct, and sincere. You get the most out of your reading and you can tell Liz does as well because she pours her heart into it- so present and so connected. I felt safely guided during my reading. I am so happy to have found such a sincere and humbly powerful spiritual guide. Thank you Liz, all the love!

Omar O., Hollywood, CA.

I am a little skeptical when dealing with psychics or readers, etc. In Liz I actually found someone that has these gifts and gave me very valuable information and uncoverings of mystery in my life. In her consults, she knew what I needed at that time to learn to move forward, heal and change. Her words were transformative in themselves . Most importantly, the good energy and light that was experienced definitely makes me a return client . I'm not uncomfortable here, and my beliefs in God are not compromised