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Healing Circle
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Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice.  I have had many past lives as a Shaman.  I am an old soul and this life is not my first rodeo ( ha ha!  . . . old soul joke).

However, it took a hand analyst to remind me of my native roots and acknowledge my ancestral lineage.  I find my life to be a bit comical, meaning that I can laugh at my own A-ha! moments.  Better than calling myself an airhead or dimwit, don't you think?

As if being born in Peru wasn't a big enough bread crumb to remind me of my path; I do give myself kudos for leaving a couple more bread crumbs in my journey.  A hand analyst, to be exact, was my initiation into Shamanism.  My finger prints lead me on a journey that provided the structure I needed to find us here and now.  It truly deepened my spiritual path. Shortly thereafter I found my teacher (2 days later!). I literally (well actually figuratively) immersed myself in the teachings, diving - head first - into the cosmology of the Inca Empire. I recall learning many, many rituals which seemed second nature to me.  After I performed them, I was in a state of shock how seamlessly I could recall and know how to perform them?!

But enough about me and my journey. I want to share with you the history of Shamanism.   What Shamanism means to us: you and me.  The importance to understand that spirits choose the person who is to be initiated into the path of becoming a shaman.  We (you and I) are blessed to share this moment in ordinary time, as I am merely here to remind you of who you truly are.

Shamanism is a way of life.  It is a life of honor and respect for nature and all living things.  I belong to the Q'uero tribe which practices a lot of 'Ayni' (reciprocity).  We learn how to live and flow with the river of life, instead of flowing against it.  Many of us are asleep here in the middle world and perceive the world with our 'ordinary' eyes.  We have been conditioned to walk the path of ego, and embrace our fears.  I help you walk the path of spirit from a place of peace, love, and confidence.  When I was a child, Shamans were scary people that delved in black magic and cast spells, they had 'strong vision'  so direct eye contact was highly unwarranted.  Don't know who fed me that piece of bolognia, but yes, I bought it too!  Until I awakened.

As you already know, Shamans laugh a lot.  Their eyes sparkle with joy, and they carry wisdom.  Shamans also have great compassion for suffering, which comes from being a 'wounded healer'.  The scars and memories of those wounds sculpt away and shed the unhealthy ego allowing a divine light to shine despite the painful journey it has been. Resiliency is part of the Shaman's spiritual toolbox.

The word "SHAMAN" means one who sees in the dark.

A Shaman is a man or woman who uses her ability to see with his/her strong eye.  In the practice of Shamanism, the spiritual aspect of illness is addressed.  An illness can manifest emotionally or physically.  Working with a shaman one can be shown the spiritual aspect of an illness.  I personally focus my practice on soul retrievals, address issues where one might have lost some of his/her power.  There might be a spiritual blockage that needs to be removed.  In most cases there is a combination of these issues occurring.

Ceremony is a big part of shamanic work.  I lead ceremonies to welcome children into the world, perform ceremonies to help people transition to a good place.  My favorite ceremonies are 'initiation ceremonies' to mark transitions in a person's life which you can view under 'Ceremonies' but a few of my favorites are Mother Blessings - 'Womb Magic', 13th Munayki Rite, Rite of the Womb.  I also love community ceremonies which I call 'moon gatherings', 'healing circles', 'despacho' ceremonies, goddess nights, and red tent series.  Anything that feeds my creative womb,  honoring and respecting oneself, the community and nature.