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Mesa Carrier


     Is simply the sacred space wherein I offer Tarot Readings. Our open hearts create the doorway that allows us to travel into the hidden realms.  My consultation table which I refer to as my 'Mesa' is a travelling altar wherein I open up and converse with helping and compassionate spirits.  When we consult, I am basically the bridge of the subconscious (lower or upper world) and the conscious (middle world) asking for healing on behalf of my client.

     It is a time and space wherein we commune with my guides, your guides and my elementals.

     If it is your first time getting a reading, it is my honor to walk you through a very sacred journey and converse with your higher self.  

     The Tarot is a powerful tool for gaining wisdom for yourself and your life.  The Tarot has benefits and limitations.  It does not solve your problems.  That is where my life coaching comes in and we create a plan of action to get you where you want to be by tackling life lessons, manifesting your heart's desires, and give you the gift of certainty.  

     As an intuitive and interpreter of the Tarot, I can give you a picture of unseen influences, patterns of behavior, obstacles, as well as remind you of your strengths.  

You can reserve a session with me by sending me an email,  purchase your time, or simply call or text me!  Depending on our carved out time together, my rates are as follows:

60 Minutes is $125.00

45 Minutes is $95.00

30 Minutes is $65.00

15 Minutes is $45.00 **

** 15 Minutes are offered to quick coaching calls. 

I prefer one on one consults because I do a complimentary aura scan and vibrational healing when you book an 'in person' session. However, I also do phone readings.