What do I mean when I say . . . ” I am in the business of co-creating better versions of ourselves” 

The answer is simple“I am dedicated to give you the gift of certainty.”

“I am here to support the power of your inner strength and courage by simply reminding you of who you truly are.”

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation?  Dive with me into the ancient mystical teachings of my Q’ero Tribe, and allow me to be your trusted guide and healer.  Explore the array of services designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul.  Unlock the secrets of your destiny with my curated signature Soul Coaching packages.  

About Your Inca Healing Goddess

Hi! I am Liz, a Soul Coach with roots reaching back through generations of healers and psychics from the mystical wonders of Peru.  As a Psychic, Healer, Teacher, and Medicine Woman my mission is to facilitate the journey towards our highest selves, guiding each individual to unlock their innate potential for healing and transformation. 

Through my oral teachings and intuitive guidance I empower individuals to awaken their inner wisdom and embrace their true essence, fostering a deep connection with themselves and the world around them. 

Embarking on the path of Shamanism, isn’t a choice one makes; rather, it is a profound calling that chooses you. From my youth, I felt the stirring of this ancient calling within me, drawing me deeper into the mysteries of the spiritual realms.  As a young adult, I heeded this sacred summons dedicating myself to the study and practice of shamanism under the guidance of wise mentors and the nurturing embrace of my ancestral oral traditions. Becoming a shaman is a journey of surrender and transformation, where the self is forged anew in the crucible of spiritual awakening. 

Today, honored by the titles of Mesa Carrier, Altomesayoq, and Chacaruna, I humbly embrace the sacred responsibility entrusted to me by the unseen forces of the cosmos. 

It is with reverence and gratitude that I continue to walk this path, guided by timeless wisdom of the spirits and the ancestral lineage that coursed through my veins.  I am honored to share the ancient wisdom passed down through generations. 

Welcome to this sacred space where ancient wisdom meets modern healing practices.

How can I help?

Experience the profound healing and spiritual awakening through Munay Ki Rites, 13th Munay Ki Rite of the Womb, Karpay Nuista Retreats, Virtual Moon Circles, Despacho Ceremonies, and More.


My Services

Are you seeking a sacred space to connect with the rhythms of the moon and dive deep into your spiritual journey?  We come together virtually to celebrate the cycles of the moon.  Each gathering is carefully curated to align either on or near the New and Full Moons, offering guided meditations, rituals, and discussions led by your Inca Healing Goddess. Our virtual lunar circles offer opportunities with like-minded individuals on a profound level.  Join us!  Deepen your understanding of lunar cycles, astrology, and spirituality.  These communions with Grandmother Moon serve to offer a space for connection, reflection, and spiritual growth.  

Bathing with intention (the most ancient technique known) is a ritual that serves my Sixth Sensory Community.  As an empath, you most certainly want to immerse yourself in the transformative power of my Essence Baths that are meticulously crafted to support and balance your divine feminine and masculine energies,  balancing your chakras. Supporting your spiritual evolution every step of the way.  Elevate your bathing experience with the soothing healing herbs as they cleanse and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit.    

Transformative workshops are offered where we blend the mystical with the practical, offering a holistic approach to personal grown and empowerment.  Dive into the depths of psychic development, unlock your intuition, harness your inner wisdom.  Explore the intricacies of self-improvement, cultivating self-awareness and embarking on a journey of self-discovery.  Master the art of dating and relating, forging authentic connections and nurturing meaningful relationships.  Manifest your dreams into reality with vision board workshops, tapping into the power of visualization and intention setting.  Finally, immerse yourself with the ancient symbolism of Tarot readings, gaining insights into your past, present, and future.  I truly mean when I say, “I am in the business of co-creating better versions of ourselves”  For a schedule of future Workshops join my mailing list so that you may get early bird discount offers and embark on the path to your best self!

The Tarot is an ancient mystical tool available for those who prefer to connect with their higher self, through this modality, for personal insight, guidance, and spiritual growth.  Upon request, I will I offer this service by seamlessly blending the intuitive guidance of my inner wisdom with the ancient divination in our soulful conversation I oftenrefer to as a “Platica” that touches upon a body of wisdom and guidance tapping to each Universal Law.  Ready to delve deeper into the mysteries of your soul and uncover hidden truths?  Book your personalized Tarot reading session now and embark on a transformative experience of self-discovery and empowerment.

Nusta Karpay a word from the Quechua language of the Andes (Karpay means a rite or ceremony initiation) and Nusta are the Seven Goddesses from the Incan Shamanic tradition.  These beautiful and authentic initiations are being offered since 2012 through El Despacho, in Reseda, California.  They are seeds of light for great transformation and balance to soften both the hearts of men and women.  Retreats are offered to those who are ready to embrace the sacred archetypical feminine energies, born of the great mountains and sacred lakes along the highlands of Peru and Bolivia.  

Experience the traditional shamanic healing practices, including energy cleansing, soul retrieval, and spiritual alignment facilitated by a Chacaruna (bridge person), AltoMesayoq (wisdom keeper) and Mesa Carrier (traveling altar) to learn about the ancient wisdom of the Andean cosmovision, including concepts of the Incan cosmology, the principles of Ayni (reciprocity) and Sumak Kawsay (living in harmony).  Participate hands-on Workshops, Despacho Ceremonies (prayer bundles) deepening your connection with the rich Andean culture and Q’ero tribe.  Share experiences, insights, and reflections in supportive group settings fostering a sense of community, connection and mutual support among participants.

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